any of you gamers out there(computer gamers…) need to go d/l this software. its like msn, but for people who play games. you can add peple to your “freinds list” and you can see what game they are playing(over 70 games supported) and you can see what server they are playing, and all the info on the server. AND you can automatically join that server(if you have the game) it also has online profiles that say how long the person played, and what games they play. you also have a “friends-friends list” which lets you have your frends freinds on your buddy list…

download it at


its free

if you download it, add me to your list. im: hobobaggins

i only play on non-school days. i play :battlefield 1942,tribes 2, tribes 1(as soon as i finish d/ling it…) and america’s army.

have fun!

I’ll have to tell my ex-clan about this :slight_smile: