XFree 4.2.99 (2.3)

(Claws) #1

The XFree 4.2.99 is going to be v4.3 ive been told - of course ive compiled and installed it :slight_smile:
The trouble is, that the new red (and very nifty) mouse pointer creates weird artifacts in Blender 2.25 when moving it around the screen. This is very annoying of course, so i try the Blender 2.23.
Problem here is that KDE 3.1rc5 (and other versions of kde (beta2 - other rc’s)) wont give 2.23 a frame - so the program starts in fullscreen and runs in 100% cpu which in turn decreases the performance…

Does anyone know how to fix either of these problems?
(I’d rather use 2.25 over 2.23 but i’d just like ONE of them to work properly)

just ask for more info if I left out something vital…


(David M.) #2

Passing Blender the “-w” switch will prevent it from running unmanaged (full screen), e.g., type

blender -w

at the shell prompt.

I’m curious though as to why you believe that Blender uses “100% CPU” when running unmanaged. As far as I can tell it does not do so.

(Claws) #3

Thanx - that did the trick, eventhough i would like 2.25 to work instead.

Before i left Gkrellm running to monitor the CPU and it showed 100% - it dosen’t now so its fine now.