Xfrog trees in Blender

Hi there

I’m trying to use Xfrog trees in Blender. The textures and mats are all there and in place, but don’t quite work. The bump on the trunk is too soft and the alpha on the leaves isn’t working too well. The only tut I’ve found has no audio and the author moves too fast to follow.

This one is about the best I could manage - other plants I’ve tried come out even worse, with no alpha, although it is ticked and in the preview window it works perfectly.

Would really appreciate some assistance :slight_smile:

Blender internal for now, I’ll try Cycles once this if figured out.

Without a file with packed textures it’s difficult to say. But it seems that either:
A) Texture alpha isn’t being used.
B) Texture alpha is being used, but material alpha is > 0.
C) Alpha is marked as premultiplied when it isn’t or vice versa.
Looks more like A or B, though.

Xfrog user here…I agree with Ovniarchos. Make sure your alpha in materials tap is set to 0 and Use Transparency and Alpha is checked also.

Thanks for the advice - getting somewhere - the colour is now correct. Under the preview, with the texture block selected, I have “show alpha” and it shows correctly. When I switch to material, it isn
't - shows the black background. I have under Image, “use alpha” checked - have tried both premultiplied and straight, no change. Under image sampling, I have “use alpha” checked and under influence I have alpha checked and set to 0.

Looks like the missing part is “use transparency”, but I can’t find that anywhere?

OK, finally found it, and it works - thanks for the advice:)

This can be marked as solved, please.