I’m building a site, and trust me, I know that index.html is supposed to be the homepage. But when I uploaded index.xhtml to my server, and try to access it, it says “You do not have permission to access this… blah blah blah” so I checked the file permissions on my h d and it says Owner/Group can read, write, and execute, but “other” can do nothing, and I can’t change the status. Anybody know my problem?

Yes, I had the same problem, and I just renamed my .xhtml file to .html. It worked without any problem.

For one, you don’t need to name the file xhtml, html and hml is fine, hell you can call the pages .ruu .foobar .asp and so on with a lil .htaccess work.

To change the permissions you need to CHMOD it, most FTP applications allow you to do it, most control panels (for websites) allow you to do it too.

XHTML pages aren’t actually .xhtml ; you keep it as .htm or .asp. XHTML is more of a “clean HTML” code. It still renders and is processed in the same way as standard HTML, but you use <img src="#" alt="" title="" /> instead of <img src="#">

It’s just web standards, basically. Like width="" is now archaic, as is border=""; it’s all just done in CSS instead.