Xiaolin Showdown: Pics of the temple?

Any one got any good pics or maps of the Xiaolin Temple to work off? I want to make a game, but I need to know what I am modelling first. Interiors would be good too, as well as knowledge as to which building is which. Any help with the temple layout would be good.

can i ask wat the xialolin temple thing is?>??

Xiaolin Showdown is a TV show, but I can’t find good pics of the whole temple The temple is where the main protagonists live. Descriptions of the layout and appearence are also helpful.

You could try a google image search or go to toon oriented sites like Toon zone. I’ve watched that show too, sometimes they had ariel shots of the temple, there are a few main areas and courtyards surrounded by a wall.

I tried an image search. Could you describe to me the precise locations of the buildings and features, like a verbal Ordnance Survey? Like where the vault and scroll are? At least the important ones, as I can’t see them in the shots from the front. Which eps contain Ariel shots?

Sometimes an episode has an ariel shot and then switch to the characters. I’m not sure what they all are though.

How do you take screen shots in internet explorer?

well you can try to puch the “Print Screen” button above the Insert button and paste it into your Paint or similar programs and voila you have a copy of what was on the screen. Tip: u might wanna move the mouse outta way (like in a corner) before you push that button though cause it will capture everything exactly like you see it on screen.

slight Problem, my printscreen button has a print function also, the PrntScrn is on the side. How do I use the function? It’s a wierd keyboard.

try to yahoo (or google) your keyboard and see what kind of alternative combination key you need to press like for example u need to press ctrl and the prntscreen at the same time.

What about saving the image by right click–>save as. That is, of course, if you are you are viewing an image not a .swf or other file type. If you are still having trouble, you could get a diffrent program such as fraps that will save your screenshots wihtout having to copy and paste.


I’ve figured it out. there is a key that looks like a jigsaw puzzle, that toggles Alternative functions on or off. I just turned it off, and voila! PrntScrn.