Xinos - The Key to Subjective Realism

My web site. Xinos

This is where you can find out who I really am, what I do and view 90% of my Blender artwork. You can also find my 3D studio Max work plus Terragen and some 2d work. (My latest Blender work is not uploaded yet, but it will be soon.)

Beware of the links on the 2D page, only the first four will work, I shall fix this ASAP.

Made by me with Fireworks four then a smidgen of HTML editing. Splash screen on the intro page was made with Blender.

Tried to make the site as fast as possible, you will find that the images might take a while, but the pages of the site should load instantly regardless of connection.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback you may be able to give me. (Browser problems, broken links, slow viewing etc.)



Come on, out of 34 people who’ve had a look, at least one person could tell me if it sucks or not. Please.


i couldnt get past the mainpage sorry. um, it was too small, but it was nice

i like the name, to bad roteleks doesnt mean anything…

Cool. I like it. Took me a second to find the navigation button.

The pics look like they might be a bit big, as they took a second to load on my dsl.



P.S. Check the spelling of realism on the main page ;).

first of all: nice artwork you’ve got there.

  • like skeletor said navigation isn’t so obvious . I suggest that instead of one button you make a serie of buttons/drop down menu’s . like for instance our trusted elysiun. This would make it easier to navigate or jump from topic to topic (Hey it’s the generation with the big zapper dumb)

  • like I said: nice artwork but a nice addition would be some comments from you on the work. (the concept?; made when?, …) just some small interesting information on. (for your master pieces could that be a little bit more)

  • for links: some comments on kind of website behind the link.

Anyway these are my suggestions. You’re of course free to do with them what you want.


Very nice, I like the way you divided your gallery by the program used as well, makes it easier to find the blender stuff.

Just out of interest, what do you prefer, 3DSmax or blender?

erm well i got a bit confused… but what i saw was good

It’s interesting you used images for well…almost the entire site and navigation, but if you want to cause that kind of required bandwitdth you might want to make things a bit flashier. Because with images for buttons, you can.

Hell, it seems most pages are one entire image, so you can even have the buttons integrated with the rest of a page in some beautiful way.

You’ve done some nice work here.

It would have been good to have had a more obvious “Back”/Home button - might make it easier to browse.

Fossil Fractal is ace (I’d be really interested in knowing how you made it). The Suzanne movie is cruel. And Tropical Sea made me book my next holiday. Groovy.

Did you mean to misspell realism on the front page?

Cool site. I didn’t have any trouble navigating it at all.

Good job. I had no serious problems navigating the site. I like the fact that the navigation is unobtrusive and stays out of the way. My only nitpick is with the galleries. I kinda wish your thumbs were more indicative of the piece they link to. They truely don’t do the final pieces any justice. Also, I’d prefer that you stay in the same window rather than pop up a new one for each image.

Overall, though, great site… the content is what keeps me there.

Connection Time out.

what i like is you navigation idea!

what i dislike is when you go to blender gallery and click to page 3 page 1 and 2 are not listed any more!
add a new button for the pages there!

i dislike the way you placed the images in the center aligned to a ellipse some how! i would try out a rectangular grid orientation. maybe some chaos or go slick and clean.

i like minimal work but than it also needs some great idea and conzept to get it transportated!