Xintoc - preparing for game contest

Here is a santa model that has vertex colors

I’ll post the textured one too if a make the textures
so stay tuned. [!]

It has 618 vertices(I know it’s a little much, but I didn’t want to
make a low-polier model)
Comments? :slight_smile:

hey could I use that santa in a game i’m making? i’ve got all my armature work and most of the other crap figured out, its just my mesh editing is quite weak. anwyays its a snowskating game (cross snowboarding with skateboarding for those of you that don’t know) and i was thinking of actually making santa the charcter. cus thats a perfect santa for this game.

Sorry, but the santa model will be avalible after I finish the game… :expressionless:

Nice .
I dont need it I have one. :wink:
Nice model

Looks cool to see you already working on the game. :smiley: I’ll also make a little game, but I can’t win the prize, I do it just for fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s nice, how many faces does it have? Telling us the vertex count isn’t very helpful, a Mesh with 618 vertices can have anywhere between 616 and 39147416 triangles!

Your model probably doesn’t have near that many faces, but it’s impossible to tell how high or low poly the model is by just the vertex count.

If you select your model and look at the edit buttons, in the middle where it says “Decimator,” you’ll see how many triangles are in your mesh. (Quad faces count as two triangles.)

yah sorry i went from your link in Mirc and never saw the titleof the post. as soon as i saw the title i was like, man, i feel like an idiot.

Faces: 617
Well here is the textured santa
like I said:
Vertices: 618
Faces: 617
Hmm… I don’t want to spoil the game… so from now on I will only
post some stuff to keep you excited… :Z

Nice model Xintoc, and nice textures. Nice to see someone working on it already. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a good job, the textures are great :slight_smile:

That’s a good job, the textures are great :slight_smile:

Some progress:

Some weapons are already ready, but it will take time to add them
into my game, cuz I will need to think out the best way to equip

some problems:

  • The aiming is a little bad
  • The camera goes through the walls

some features to come:

  • More weapons
  • better aiming
  • the camera wont go through the walls
  • Enemies
  • More levels
  • sounds will be added
    I made this stuff in one day and the level in one day so some things are
    crappy… I dont have much time to create anything else so I will
    only work on weekends and no work will be posted between the weekends…

xintoc: some problems: - The camera goes through the walls

I’ve got a source how to fix the 3th person camera going trough walls.
I’ll hope you can use it, if another peole has got problems, I’ve got tons of sources here. Btw, for the game engine using blender dudes, don’t try to rip the model, make one by yourself. :smiley:

Also great screens from the game, looks very nice, even the textures looks cool to me. Keep Blending :D.