Xismo free 3d modeling software

Xismo free 3d modeling software

click on the windows or apple logo for download from this link:


so bad, I can not open this website

I can’t read Japanese, so I have to guess based on English text and pictures;
Highlights include transform manipulators to move vertices (-- really), moving around the viewport (-- again, really), selecting vertices AND edges/faces ()_(), tool buttons, 3D, OpenSubdiv, PC/Mac, something about MotionBuilder, and GLSL support which includes a toon/cel-shader.

finally I tried to download it. Any features in English?

Obviously not interested in an international userbase… anyhoo, downloaded zip, let´s try.

It seems like the creator wanted to make something that is easy to use but still has useful features. I don’t know how he succeeded at that though, a lot of things are pretty strange. Looking at his tweets he has in the past tried Blender but given up after a day, and more recently he has said that there’s Blender but his goal is a free software that lowers the treshold (for learning 3d). I agree that this could be done better in Blender but instead of making a whole new 3d package by yourself I would prefer if he just worked on Blender instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

actually, if you set you system locale to japan but leave your interface in english, it will open with an english interface. Or you can just delete the translations folder as the japanese interface is just a couple of qt .qm translation files, all menus are originally in english.

it seems like the interface language is controlled by the NativeMenu=True line in the ini. It ran when i set it to false but i’m unsure as to the particular effect of it as my locale is currently set to Japan.