XLSX to web based Blender app converter (commercial)


Con anyone help me with the following task:


I have a xlsx with with fixed structure.
Columns contain options for scene/screen parameters
Rows contain option for scene parameters

Need a solution that will:

  1. render as much scenes as there’s a rows in a file (usually 20-100)
  2. solution might be deployed over apache web server with browser access
  3. there’s an interaction in each scene (user can select options rendered from rows and the selection case will be saved)
  4. simple admin interface (uploading new files for example)

I have all-clear details, this is a preliminary text to understand if this is possible to apply or not.

thanks and have a great day,

Hope you are well

I would like to assist you
reach me out at [email protected] or Skype: noah_3861


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