XM109 Sniper Rifle

So im working on my second Sniper this time the XM109.
Not finished yet but felt urge to post it so couldn’t helpt my self hehe.
I had problems with the standard cause of the booleans. It was making small holes in the mesh so I couldn’t continue on making holes cause it says “must be a closed mesh” So i have to figure out how to fix that one. Let the model speak for it self:



Another “detail”

Well still alot to do so I better get working.


Nice work, thats guns a beast. 50 cal sniper. This seems like its gonna be nice when its done.


Very well modeled, keep workin on it :wink:

Looks amazing, I’m looking forward to the finished version.

the barrell looks too fat and too short, i think, compared to the rest of the rifle.

I am always curious on how do you guys generate renders for them to appear so ‘model’ like?.. the lighting and the texture?..

Well i think you are on the right way. There are no physical aberrations. Seems to work well.
You silencer is a good one.
Just don’t forget the bullet chamber (for the ejection of the bullet once you’ve shot).

kolslorr : what do you really mean, i’m not sure to understand. Actually there is no texture, and maybe no material at all, no shadows (because there is no plane). Hope it helps :slight_smile:


What I mean is, I am not able to gerenare renders such as this, although it doesnt look to have any texture/lighting… but the model looks solid with easily seen texture…

Take for example the default cube, if i render it under the default setting it looks like this…


How to adjust the setting such that it can appear to be greyish solid which are also well-litted?

Hope you understand what I mean…


Kolslorr to have that look like my picture you must put on the Ambient Occlusion A.K.A AO. You can find the AO at the world options tab. Just simply put it on and you will have the same effect. This might take a while to render so keep the samples low only when your final rendering set it to 16 or whatever.

Back on topic:

Thanks for all your replies

Traitor: I shrunk the barrel do you think it’s better now?

Added alot more and finally got the booleans to work so Ive made holes in the standard.



Can you show a wire please, i’m curious about the use of boolean, does it make a clean mesh ?
Keep going.

the barrell looks too fat and too short, i think, compared to the rest of the rifle.

That’s what the real rifle looks like. Google it.

You silencer is a good one.

It’s a 25mm rifle. That’s a muzzle brake, not a silencer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks even better with the new detail (be sure to round the pistol grip).

Arg, didn’t know.
So, your muzzle brake is a good one. :wink:

My apologies, so it does.

Oke thanks for all your replies
Just a minor update today cause I didn’t really knew how to finish that stand and I cant really find any good references how it should look like so ill use my imagination.


Another view:



Great Work, I love sniper rifles, the ammo cartridge can do with some detail

looks good, although are you working off any reference pics?

at anyrate, nice lighting imo, i like the clay look if you will, and also imo at first glance it looks like a lwo render not blender

Hey thanks for your replies,
yes I use references so i can see how it looks like.
And it’s a pure blender gun really;) Im just using AO.

I finished the stand so also the Sniper so check it out :slight_smile:


Do you also think I can call this one finished?(for the modeling part then I dont know if im going to texture him yet but ill try anyway)


Those bullets looks to big for the ammo cartridge, but otherwise it’s great.

the pistol grip and the stock do not look finished IMO

Like I said earlier, be sure to round the pistol grip.