Xmas Card...nearing completion

Iv decided to try and make a winter scene that i want to print on a Card and give away for Christmas. This is how it is looking now without trees,sky,and the rest of the villige in background. C&C very much wanted so i can improve
this piece.

Here is an updated pic, background painted in Gimp along with pinetree textures and Wreath.

That’s a very pleasant render. :slight_smile: I especially like the house. That should work great for a Christmas card.

your snowman is dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

turn up the ao

I love it. My only suggestion is to perhaps add fog or something, so it doesn’t end so abruptly.

It is really pleasant. I like it alot. Perhaps moving the light source that casts the shadow towards the camera could be moved and place a moon texture back there? It would also lend to the feeling of depth.


I just Love the snow flakes! The window however looks strange, becouse you can see the inside and it looks lie it compleatly empty. either make it glow more or actually add someting there, like curtains for example.
An other thing that I notice is that it only has those colored lamps on one side of the roof, not the other.
Overall fealing is Very good!

P.s. the mailbox needs some work too :wink:

Thanks alot guys for crits and comments, And yes i will be adding a moon, im going to paint the sky in gimp, Im currnently working on the pinetrees that will be in this scene. As for lights on house, they are now all over the roof :stuck_out_tongue: and…oh yeah i kept AO down for saving render time, this is a WIP so you can expect alot more soon :slight_smile:

I do really like it! When you finish could you post s super high resolution so I can use it to send to people? Copyright Your Name 2005-06 of course, but it is a wonderful picture.


Thanks for the comments zog34. I will make one when i am complete :). i still have to add more trees, work on the trees(not sure i like the snow) um…finish the village in the back…and…oh add some red ribbons on the door and streat lamp.

Very nice.

Only suggestions I have are,

  • composition is really good but dies off a little on the right hand side.
  • the shodows on the lamp and mailbox look a little harsh.

thanks for the crits…ill see what i can do. :slight_smile:

I like it :smiley:

One thing I noticed is the bridge path has no snow while everything else has.

Here is a small update…with more to come :slight_smile:


Hm, I am so stealing this. Can we see a wire to get a feel of what everything looks like?

It reminds me of those cold evenings where everyone hunkers around the fire and drinks hot chocolate.


Make a Santa climbing down the chimney…:wink:

naw…im not big on Santa lol he would ruin this piece…no offence to any santa lovers.

This card will certainly make ppl happy :stuck_out_tongue: .