Xmas Card - Santa at a BBQ (upd. with photo of printed card)

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UPDATE: pic of final print, scroll down

Well, I’ve taken too long already and it’s got to go off to the printers (AFAIK, about 1000~1500 will be printed), so here’s the image that I finally ended up with:

(a little post-proc in photoshop)

While of course there are always things that could be improved, I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out, and hopefully it’s recipients will enjoy it too :slight_smile: I’ve still got to lay it out in Illustrator with some text on the front of the card, and the message inside as well (might as well post it as an addendum to this thread when I do that), but as for the blended component, it’s done. Thanks for the comments in this thread, it helped immensely and I’m sure the final product’s a better one because of them.


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aw that is excellent! very well done man!
i really love the setting, and the grill rocks
thats one nice pic :slight_smile:

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The cards came back from the printers on Thursday. I think they turned out really well in CMYK on gloss card, with gold foil on the word ‘festive’ in the text. The colours look much richer than on screen. Here’s a photo:


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i agree the photo looks great. you should sell the real card to hallmark

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Great turned out fantastic.

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awesome - when do i get mine in the mail :wink:

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Foto, huh? That later pic looked like a rendering…