xmas cards (noblender)

(basse) #1

these are two of my little christmas elves, with redhat, of course.

blender was not used AT ALL. well, I had blender running when I drew these on the very same desk, but that doesn’t really count, right?

they are indian ink-red pen-coffee-drawings on a watercolor paper…


(Poju) #2

Me likey a lot :smiley:

(Poju) #3

Oh and did u get that link?

Anyway here it is again:


(snailrose) #4

Very nice they have a great flow to them :smiley:
All of your coffee storys are great


(CurtisS) #5

I love watercolor. These are great! Although, they kind of look like the Grinch. You know, skinny with large hips… :smiley:

(S68) #6


/me likes a lot watercolours too :slight_smile: