Xmas Train thingy (commercial job)

In the link below you find a small advertisement. It has 3D train, trainstation and general scenery. I did this about week ago for this client. I did only the 3d modelling / rendering. So the music or 2d stuff going about aint my doing. Anyway… check it out.

There are many thing that could have been improved but to be honest time was getting quite short and my CPU just couldnt handle much more (though there were ways to lighten up the scenes, but i learned them just at the end of making this one).


Happy xmasses to ya all.

Nicely done!
I just wish the train wasn’t cut off as much in the second clip and the station also. Better if you saw it approching, then move to the screen.

Looks good. Was the train concept yours or theirs?

feels like polar express movie

The train is modelled out from referense pics of Finnish railway locomotive called… hmm… RS2 i think… cant remember the model now exactly.

In the original rendering you see more of the train but the videoeditor cropped the imagebit to fit it better to the webpage. So it lost some of the train.

And now that i think. This might be on wrong forum section.

nice, but you flipped the camera on the shots. so it makes the feeling of train coming back, instead of going forward :slight_smile:

but i like the winter scene… wish it looked like that here…


Great works :slight_smile:
I like

Ah the classical … Though i wonder why did not the film editor “mirror” it…

Here i posted few still. I am not sure is the second image from the absolute final version, coz it looks bit rought… but its pretty close to the final filtering setup anyway.



well infact, the panning of second camera is a bit strange. i dont think mirroring would’ve fixed it. if the idea is “time passes and then we arrive to station” i think panning from sky down to station would’ve worked better on this one. (or not panning for second cam at all)