Xmas Tree and Snowman.

Hello all!

Did this yesterday, had some fun doing it hope you all enjoy.

So have a merry xmas and a what not new year. :smiley:


the tree looks nice.

That is a really nice tree. How did you do the pine needles?

Very nice! The tree is great. Only crit is about the snow. I would try to add more noise to it to give it a more snowy appearance. Other than that it is great (I love the snowman).

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too.

Keep it up!



Thansk! :smiley: :wink:


Used the particle feature in the latest build. I lave this thing. :smiley:


Yeah the snow ain’t great but, meh, only did this as a quike break from what I’m doing now. Could come back when xmas is closer and redo the snow. But we’ll see. :wink:

See ya.

PS. just relized that photobucket resized the picture,damn you photobucket. :<

Great work!

I’ll be posting an alternative way of doing snow next week look out for it :wink:

I like it. Simple and beautiful.
-I´m sick of seeing guns, planes, spaceships and monsters on the forum-

Great work on the tree
Id suggest making the star on top shinier or maybe add some sort of glow to it or smthin?


Avier: You forgot about cars… I am also bored to see guns, planes, spaceships and mosters… (hmm… I have to confess… I modeled a spaceship sometime ago… and a plane… and in my early days, I tried to model a monster… I am the self boring type :wink: ) Also very trendy are the bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens… :smiley:

Nice to see some Christmas things



Back again.

Thanks and I will be on the look out. :smiley:

Well from what I heard, simple is best!

And I never made a plane, monseter, gun but I have made a space ship. Mna did that thing suck eggs! :smiley:

I might see about making it a halo or somthing. :wink:

Hey, at one point in ones life they have got to model somthing that is from that list, I know have!

But I’ll never do a car, never! :smiley:

great use of static particles, good composition so its really nice on the eyes! and just very kind to share your art and wellwishes! =D

Merry Christmas and new year!

LohnC - Cheers man. This is my second and by far the best landscape scean render that I have done. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, well I went back changed the star to a halo and mucked about with the snow.

I think the snow looks alot better a little easier on the eyes. :smiley:

Also larger size then before.


This is very nice- festive and happy.

I think a bluish tint to the sky instead of the grey/black might make it even happier and more inviting.

Snow is improved. I liked the other star better for the top of the tree. Perhaps you could set the old star on it and give it a nice strong emit?

I really like the tree. It looks very good.

I have to agree, the pic is very nice overall, but I have a few ideas how to make it even better :wink:

1.The lighting is inconsistent. The sky is rather dark-looks like a winter sunset. On the opposite- the scene is brightly lit, as if by bright stadium-like reflectors. What’s worse, the light is pure white, which makes it look even more unnatural. Try to lower the main light and tint it yellow. Then You could also try to make it softer. AO would be a bit of overkill but I’d try at least. (Wit a stress on the “I”)

  1. The snow (the material, not the falling snow) could use an additional, small grain texture to make it look less plastic.

  2. The balls of the snowman are very simple in compaired to the beautifully detailed tree. I’d add a metaball, convert it to a mesh and use sub-surf. It should give that slightly irregular ball look a snowman usually has.

  3. The sky texture is a bit off: even close to the horizon the clouds look as if viewed from below (instead of from afar). You could try looking for a pano-sky render. (Don’t worry though, I’m having problems with skies too :wink: ).

Other than that I think it’s a great render. Merry Christmas to You!