xmasstory first animation

Well this is my first animation. I did it on a 2 GB machine with an old processor. I can tell you right now, I’m getting a new PC for blender because I had to modify the devil out of this to get it to work. Cycles took about an hour per frame, so I had to use blender internal. When i started, we didn’t have hair in cycles. A lot of lessons learned.

  1. So that is what Jonathan Williams meant by topology.
  2. Skinning reveals all the bad deformations I was trying to cover up.
  3. Animation with a underpowered machine results in a lot of guesswork.
  4. I really need to learn how to model, animate, create, etc so my characters movement looks better.
  5. Blender is amazing.:o I wish I knew a lot more.

well I got it out on youtube, but not here yet.


It was an interesting start. I will have to say that I almost decided to stop watching thing this half way through. However, I gave it a chance. As usual, there are tutorials out there on Youtube that shows you how to make both male and female models. Even low poly models can be useful if you know how to make it work.

As far as the machine you used, I’ve been there. Now Blender requires you to have at least 8 GB for optimal efficiency.

As for the animation, once again there are tutorials out there that shows you how to move them better. When it comes to animation being performed the first time, it starts off slow, but as you practice, it picks up more speed.

It would also be better if you created a direct link to the video instead of a link to your channel and have a viewer search for it for a while.

Non the less, keep at it.