XML file that can carry Nurbs between Blender and Rhino?

I need to be able to move Simple nurbs surface between Blender and Rhino, can anyone recommend an XML based file format which can do this?

I’d really prefer XML if at all possible because I have some plans to write scripts/programs to generate nurbs curves and I’d prefer to work with XML on this kind of work.


X3D seems like a good candidate. It’s designed to work with nurbs.


I’ve tried importing some of them into 2.49, but they don’t work. I get a camera, but nothing else. Is this because the blender x3d importer just doesn’t handle nurbs?

Probably nobody ever got around to implementing nurbs in the x3d importer but you’re halfway there since you’re starting with an existing import/exporter…

X3D sounds like a solid bet, so I’ll concentrate on getting nurbs implemented in the import/export scripts.

eman is developing the replacement sub-system for nurbs in blender. It supports OpenNurbs import / export.