(.XML) Kerkythea Python Export Error! "Problem Solved"

Kerkythea and Blender 2.49b, and Blender2KT 2.49b works fine, but I have only one issue. Every time I export .XML for Kerkythea in both Blender and Blender2KT it says this…

“Write Kerkythea to: ?”

I click it and then

“Python Error” shows up

It worked once, and only once, but then stopped working. What is causing this?

Is it the (blender) YFExport file path? (blender2kt) KTExport file path? or something else. :confused:

Here’s a of screenshot at my File Paths and python window.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:


PROBLEM SOLVED - Save before you export to Kerkythea. Also make sure a material is applied.