Xnormal 4.0 preview

Though not directly blender related, I figure a lot of blender heads are interested in this FOSS tool. The 4.0 does away with the wonky interface and takes the tool from windows to windows/linux/mac0S. For those who don’t know, it basically does what crazybump does in the commercial software lineup. Yet another great OSS tool to add to the pipeline.

Anyway, the links!:

4.0 preview:

Xnormal page:

Oh and be sure to encourage Santy on his heroic effort making this software. Like all OSS devs, he needs the rooting masses to keep him moving! :smiley:

Oh yes! I was just bemoaning this morning that the interface looked like a very old and decrepit version Windows Media Player. So this is great news. Have you seen the feature set? Very cool.