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Check out xNormal’s Blog. Has some cool stuff about Voxel developments.:cool:

Makes me wonder if the 3D Coat dev. got the idea of voxel sculpting from CryEngine 2.

It’s still to see where voxels will be used instead of geometry in real-time apps.

If everything would be voxels, there will be no need for domains for fluid/smoke simulations.
Am I right?

Clicked on this hoping that the Linux version of Xnormal was in beta … but this is also plenty interesting.

No you would be wrong, whether a sim needs a domain grid or not has little to do with what visulazation method you use and more to do with the underlying methods you use to solve the governing equations of the fluids which for cgi effects are; Navier Stokes equation (Newton’s second law applied to fluids), conservation of mass, conservartion of energy and surface tension terms.

All Eulerian fluid solvers, what is mostly used in engineering cfd packages, will have a domain grid. Lagrangian methods, particle based fluid sim, are in between some like Blender’s require a domain grid other’s like Real flow or SPH methods don’t.


A couple of years ago Sante helped me in a forum to get xnormal working right,
and he wrote then that he was working on getting a game engine together,
that would be pretty crazy if voxels were included in it.
Although when I tried 3d coat voxels didn’t seem super blazing fast or anything,
I’m sure my nvidia is too old a version for it, because Kay_Eva said he was getting 300 frames per second on it…
The Crysis editor video on santes blog was pretty neat, with the voxel terrain modeling…
I tried the Fallout 3 editor and I didn’t really like it, with all the little pieces. :smiley:
(It’s neat to see how they plan out a video game and break everything up though)
To build a cave you need to mix and match 60 little sections of cave. :smiley: