Xolotl Substance plugin for blender - Use substance files natively inside blender 2.8+

Here is the alpha version of my new add-on working with blender 2.79 and cycles, as you see i still need to work on the UI, but the substances are working with blender, as you can see when i download a substance directly from source and add manipulate it in my blender project

New version of the plugin is live


Congrats and thanks! Long waited stuff.

that is amazing, any chance to get get the hands on this even in its current state?
Since it is as it looks, images connected to the Principled shader, can it be also used with Eevee?

That’s amazing and long waited for!

Doing some tests with even, if people really want to, i think is relatively easy to implement… soon i’ll release some beta test copies, i need to decide how to handle a couple of things first…

Thanks guys, yeah i read that this has been asked for a long time to the allegorithmic team, also im trying to do a lot of noise, so allego’s people help me solve a couple of issues, so feel free to share the video, to make more noise

This could become something cool! Please, keep at it.

ymmanuel, a very good idea! Congrats Man!
I follow you now…

Omg yes. This work is much appreciated. Sign me up for beta-testing!

waow, great one ! any available beta version ? thanks and congrats man, eager to test :slight_smile:

Here is an update on the plugin

More info here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5Wg6lkDo1M&t=3s

Thanks for the sneak peek. Following with interest.

great update,
could it be added that once the user stops changing the parameter slider/button etc, that the changes gets updated without the need of having to press the Add Material button?

great job, well done !

it could be possible, but also would be a performance hit, that is why i don’t do it that way, still if people wants it that way i can add that option

Hi, what about baking? All substances usually need At least AO baked to look good.
some channels (like normal e.t.c.) can be mined from blender without baking, but some not…

That’s a promising start! Well done!

Can you elaborate more in what you are thinking???

Thanks guys, soon i’ll show the next update and we’ll be a step closer to a public beta test

Just wonderfull, i dream of this feature so mutch times. Look very cool.
I’m in hurry to test it !

Great work.
But where can I download the live link?
On your website I can’t find a download link.

or am I missing someting?