Xolotl Substance plugin for blender - Use substance files natively inside blender 2.8+

Thanks for your support guys! means a lot to me!!!

and i promise you’ll be hearing soon about the new update!!! is going to be awesome, after finishing the new release of the Substance Designer Live Link and the Substance Painter Live Link at the beginning of January, plus the Maya Kitbasher last year, now is time fo finally give some love to this add-on again and i’m working on it in every spare time i have to make it happen soon :smiley:


Something does not work for me - in the Substans-243 error, the textures are sent to the folder, but they do not appear in the blender.
“plagin xolsplink error expecting property name: line 5 column 1 (char 243)”
Blender 2.8 13.03.2019

Have you considered making any documentation?

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can someone tell me if this link can be used to push models with material to substance painter to establish the sync or does one still need to load in the objects manually and this tool takes part of the “material” sync only?

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This thread needs an important update. @ymmanuel at Xolotl has done an incredible refresh of the .SBSAR node setup tools for Blender. Later today he’ll be sending out an update that is able to preview your .SBSAR library from within Blender - it’s wicked AMAZING!

You really should take a look at this preview video:


Hey @JWise thanks for sharing! You beat me to the punch :stuck_out_tongue: so…

SURPRISE!!! :partying_face:

After the initial release, I’ve been deploying some minor and mid updates, like integrating the add-on directly inside blender instead of it being a different app. Some performance improvements and compatibility updates.

But this time i wanted to finally take it to the next level and make the plugin that i envisioned when i started the project, I feel like this release is must definitely a step in the right direction :slight_smile:

As it has been so far this update is FREE for all the current users

and has a lot of improvements including:

  • Automatic loading of parameters when selecting an *.sbsar file
  • Auto assign material to selection
  • Live update
  • Automatic reloading of textures for cycles and eevee
  • Duplicating materials
  • Full control of the baked textures output path
  • Save the baked textures in a relative path
  • Custom workflows
  • Substance library
  • Octane support
  • and more

As some of you requested, this time I’m recording a list of tutorial videos to go alongside this plugin, as well as doing a live stream next Tuesday at 1PM US Central Time, to showcase the plugin and answer any questions.

The link to the livestream is:

For all the people that still don’t own the plugin you can find it in:

Blender Market



*Gumroad is the most affordable option, but if you want to support blender, youcan buy it in blender market :slight_smile:

I’m going to keep track of this thread, but usually all the people that need support can contact me directly via Discord

here is the link:


Here are the tutorials:









Hey guys, I just updated the video list to include the custom workflows and the substance gallery videos


Hi guys don’t forget that today I’ll be doing a livestream showcasing the add-on at 1pm US Central

here is the Youtube link:

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Hello everyone

just wanted to share the tri-planar presets I showcased during the stream, they are on my Patreon for free to download, here is the link


to install them all you need to do is to add the *.json files inside the presets folder of the plugin and restart Blender

these files will be added by default in the next update.

also let me know if you want another preset to be added by default :slight_smile:

Hey guys, all of you should be able to see a new FREE update:

the release notes are:

  • Bug fixes (fixed and added support for more parameter types)
  • Support for multi-graph *.sbsar (now you can choose the graph if your sbsar has more than one)
  • Favorites list (as you requested :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • Triplanar presets (the ones showed in the live stream)

Let me know if you have any comments :slight_smile:

Hope you like it!!!

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I just bought your addon (from Blender market), and there are 4 files:

I’m on Windows10 with Blender 2.90 so which file I have to use?

So I tried xol_sbsar_2_1_1 and I have an error when I try to connect SAT “Error while connecting SAT”
(I follow your tutorial, install Automation toolkit…)

I certainly made a mistake somewhere, could you help me to solve this ?

the bigger the number the newer the version 2.1.1 being the latest, seems like you clicked connect sat twice…check that you have some files in the extra folder, if you do then just restart, also for support is easier if you contact me via discord, since i don’t check this thread daily


2.0.1 is bigger than 2.1.1 ? :no_mouth:
For the support via discord, what/where it is is?

was a typo

:flushed: a “typo” ? I’m lost here

So which one I have to use with Blender 2.90 and Win10 ?

Hey Cedric, any version works in blender 2.8+ and windows. The difference is the SAT version. If you have the latest use the 2.1.1

And discord is a messaging app here is the link for the server --> https://discord.gg/mmMTeHj

Ok Cris so:

  • I upgrade Blender to 2.9
  • I installed “Automation toolkit INDIE” (Windows version 2020.1.3)
  • I installed “Substance Launcher”
  • I installed xol_sbsar_2_1_1 from “Install” button in the Blender preferences Addons panel
  • I clicked on “Connect SAT” button", it works and asked me to restart
  • I restart and opened my “shading window”, and there is nothing (see the screen capture)