Xp-pen graphics tablet is not working

Good evening!
Recently I got an xp-pen star series graphics tablet. I have windows 10, and the newest wersion of blender. I am using blender for almost two years now, and until now have never had any big problems.
I followed the setup-guide, installed the driver and started blender. When I started drawing in the UV-image editor, the pressure sensitivity didn’t work. I re-installed the driver and tried again. Then the following happened:

In any other programm I can move the cursor with the tablet normally, and everything seems as it should.
but when I open blender on my computer and bring the pen closer to the tablet, the cursor jumps to the top of the screen, and I can’t move it with the tablet anymore. I can move it away with my mouse, but as soon as I bring the pen closer, it jumps back. This also happens while blender is just open in the background. When I close blender the tablet starts functioning normally again. I have tried it with my laptop as well and the same problem occured. The cursor even jumped to the exact same spot right at the top of the screen

I opened gimp to see if the same thing would happen there, an at first everything seemed to be working. I could draw normally with my tablet. The pressure sensitivity wasn’t working though, so I googled about that. Apparently I had to go to the device manager and set the tablet from disabled to screen. When I tried to draw again, the brush circle got stuck, and when I clicked, it apparently tried to move the canvas, but even that didn’t work. Here at least I could still move the cursor. The brush selection worked fine, and everything else seemed so too, but as soon as I moved the cursor over the canvas, it got stuck again. With the mouse it functioned normally.

In the tablet settings there is a pressure test and there everything works as intended, so the problem seems to be somewhere in the softare.

Thanks in advance for any help you have.