xpm and xray effect????

hi folks !!!,
i have two questions :spin:

  1. is there a python lib, that can convert a xpm file into a png or a jpeg file? (with python 3.2 )
    I just stumbled over the x-Pix map format (oold stuff) and found out, that it is extreemly easy to write. For example it could be useful for minimap creation.

  2. I know that this has been asked a view times before, but since the last time, the bge changed.
    Is it possible to render an object ontop of every other object (like the xray option???)

cheers, rennurb

  1. I’m not sure what an xpm file is, but there probably is a method to convert it to a PNG file (with Python 3.2, I’m not so sure).
  2. Yes, it is indeed possible - use an overlay scene (add the scene, like the GUI scene, as an overlay scene over the game scene).
  1. thx solarLune
    i have already played with the thought, but there are some problems (light for examples)
    but i decided to use a holographic kind of material for the overlay object
  2. the xpm is a human readable picture format (quite easy to write)

Yeah, you could write a shader or use nodes to get the effect you want - that would work well.