xray to see bones after I apend to a character does not work

I have a cartoon body with bones with IK, all if fine and I can turn xray off and on, but when I apend teeth to put in his mouth, it seems that I can not see bones through the body even when xray is on. I can see the bones inside of my character through the holes for the eyes. I have join the teeth to the body thinking that would work, but it does not as a matter of fact, when I click on the xray button the teeth disapear, any help please.

are you clicking xray on the body, or on the bones? if you want to see the bones, make sure x ray is off for the body and on for the bones.

Well, I am clicking the xray button as I have done for eons to see through the body. I am not clicking on the body, I am clicking when the xray presents itself,.,.,.but I will double check your post to see if I am not using a different xray.