Xrg's sketchbook 2

(xrg) #1

I figured I’d post stuff, since I haven’t in a long time. I’m currently doing an anatomy refresh and lots of gestures. Trying to be all disciplined and professional for once.

My old sketchbook is here, but I wanted to start fresh.

(xrg) #2

Well, I’m 6 episodes into The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. I’m liking the show better than the book so far—they’re very different, though.

Despite distractions, I still did some pose explorations to try to gauge where I’m at and what I struggle with. I’d like to level-up my poses to a point where it’s fairly intuitive—similar to 2d animators. If I were to self-assess myself, my problem probably isn’t lack of knowledge, I just need to put in the time. Even so, I ordered the book FORCE: Dynamic Life Drawing to be on the safe side.

Anyway back to Netflix drawing!

(Craig Jones) #3

Looking good - are you mainly working from photo refs or are you also doing these studies from real life objects?

(xrg) #4

Yeah, mostly refs so far. Info if it’s useful:

  • Skull studies I looked at skulls on Sketchfab. Downloaded this one since it had the planes and is free. Made some reference images with Blender.

  • Gesture refs are from Croquis Cafe.

  • Info: Books I’m primarily using Figure Drawing Design and Invention. I’ve seen @tyrant_monkey recommend that one a few times. For video I’m watching Proko, ModernDayJames, Sinix, and others on YouTube. Pinterest has a lot of good study guides as well.

  • Software/Hardware: Krita and MyPaint. Pureref for references. Wacom Intuos 4 medium.

(xrg) #5

:poop: from the last few days.