xrg's sketchbook

I don’t know how often I’ll update, as I get lazy about maintaining these kind of threads. Anyway here are some of my random studies, sketches, and things.

Edit: rearranging for the thumbnail

Can’t really say much other than they look pretty great! I don’t know why I find the green horned monster so cute lol


I’m working on a new release handout for Krita 2.6. and I would love to be able to use the assassin character sheet as an illustration. Would that be okay with you? It’s a handout I’m sending to journalists, which means it has to have a license so they use it in articles. If that’s okay, could you mail me ([email protected])?

CGSiino - thanks man
Boudewijn - email should be sent.

Few more oldie MyPaint tests. Politicians make pretty good photo ref studies. There tends to be a lot of professionally done photos of them, but they’re often not super photoshopped like more “photogenic” subjects usually are.

I also found some Photoshop doodles from a few years ago. I was trying to figure out how to render like Niklas Jansson at the time. Never really succeeded, but it still improved my painting skills quite a bit trying.


ooh! I like that crab. nice job on him.

Very Nice stuff

pretty awesome stuff in here. Your toon characters are bloody good.

You 're a great illustrator!
Great technique!wonderful palette!

Thanks guys! More oldies, hopefully next post will be something new.

Great sketches. Really like the style

Nice sketches, it’s simply good to see your own creation and i tell you some characters are so cute.

Here are some fembot mech things. I need to practice sci-fi mech stuff more.

Also, I finally broke down and started a blog.

They are so neat drawings - I was into drawings back in the days. Yours sketches make me want to get back into studying drawings.

XRG from the looks you are a pro ready Character Designer and Illustrator!

Do it ~ drawing is fun. :slight_smile:

Quick doodles I probably wouldn’t post but haven’t had a chance to draw anything and need an update. Also was doing some hard-drive cleaning and found a PSD with some characters I thought I lost a long time ago.

Oh my gosh this whole thread is so inspirational!

Personal i like the crab #5 and the monster #1, for the character and originality.

Stunning pictures! I especially enjoyed the little boy with the wooden sword! Very inspiring!

I love your style. Some really great work here :slight_smile: