Xsanity Studios Needing Modelers!!

Xsanity Studios has been working on their first project Remnant, formally known as Maniac Hollow. A lot of development has been going to the story since its mainly story. Now that we have enough on the story to build off of, we can finally start the alpha! Modelers, modelers, modelers. That’s mainly what is needed at this point. People who can model buildings with interior walls. Being able to texture as well would be nice. There are currently 3 modelers on the project now and Remnant needs Buildings to start off the alpha. Barns are mainly it, but houses will be preferred too. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to help.

Story Summary:

John Deniaud neither has a Job nor can’t he stay away from Alcohol: the best Conditions in Order to have his Daughter Elle taken to Foster Care, which equals the Theft of the last Spark of Hope that John and his Wife Ada have in their miserable Lives. Due to these Circumstances, John’s Wife and Daughter vanish one Day, and in Search of them both, John must make several bitter Revelations, unraveling dark Mysteries from Past and Presence and learn to deal with his Loss.

Gameplay: First Person Story.

Currently Xsanity Studios has:

1 Programmer
3 modelers, including myself
1 writer
2 composers