XSI artists looking jump ship to Blender

Autodesk bought XSI.

A lot of people looking to Ton now.

Blender seems Like a last Hope to excape Buggy tools.

All blender needs is a new Quad engine for modeling and Better selection method.

Please is any Blender developer gonna say somthing about this?

As an XSI artist and Blender new convert I’ll personally donate to Blender for staying true to it’s self and not selling out for a quick buck.

We did, many years ago. You’re welcome.

1.very heartfelt

  1. duplithread

Well, we will welcome any XSI users here, just let them know I’m the forum’s Dragon.:wink:

Anyway, there’s some exciting stuff coming up. And Ton and co. are seriously getting ready to develop the legendary 2.5. You should watch the Blender conference videos for what the developers are proposing for 2.5 (which will require a deep rewrite of core code)

Also, incredible quality volumetric materials usable with particles is being done in the Physics branch.

The lightcuts branch is bringing meshlights and GI.

[quote=xsinick;1240647] Blender seems Like a last Hope to excape Buggy tools.

As an XSI artist[ /quote]

Hello converted one,
i have two quick questions

1 could you elaborate on the “buggy tools” a bit. The reason I’m asking is because i’ve just bought the 3D world magazine which has a 60day trail of XSI 7 and therefore I’m curious of what an insider that has actually used the software has to say about that.

2 you mention that you are an xsi artist. Cool! What is the link to your gallery? Again, I’m just curious of what artists have created so far or presently working on because i’m considering learning xsi in addition to blender.

Hope you enjoy blender as much as we do :slight_smile:

Oh, and to all XSI users jumping to Blender, remember this, you can play a big role yourselves in helping Blender 2.5 get to a level of professionalism in the renderer and other areas closer to the level of XSI. How?

If any of you XSI users know how to program in C, you can start programming your own features into the Blender code itself and submit the changes to the Blender patch tracker to be reviewed and commited to SVN.

Maybe if there’s enough XSI users who want to help develop Blender, there should be a special branch for them to develop in while trunk is frozen for 2.5.

Just note if you want to intergrate a system like ICE in Blender it’s best to get committing rights to the Physics branch where volumetric/Vfx work is being done.

Pushing impressionable new guys to program? Plus, how is Blender Internal not professional?

also, not duplithread. sorry

Plus, how is Blender Internal not professional?

Would you like to try to compare Blender Internal with the sweeping intergration XSI has with Mental Ray, the industrial strength, industry standard render engine?

Pushing impressionable new guys to program?

I’m not going to force them to program, but they might want to intergrate features they miss from XSI and one user on CGTalk even said he downloaded the source.

I respect their decision on what they’ll be doing with Blender.

All blender needs is a new Quad engine for modeling and Better selection method.

Blender has the best selection method of the world.

I agree with endi. One of the most repetitive tasks when making models is selecting, especially loop/ring selection. By default, Cinema4d does not even have an icon for that constantly needed task and one would have to go to the drop down menu (which can be torn off but then occupies a lot of space as it serves no other purpose than keeping two or three commands handy).
I’ve just finished watching hours of video tutorials from Digital Tutors that explain the basics of XSI 7. The material is well done and the presentaiton is very professional but man o man, the way selections are done in xsi7 would be HARD to get used to for a blender user.

Agree 100%

For everyone going to jump ship, there’s a little surprise coming in November. Can’t say too much for now, but stay tuned!


First, welcome to Blender and the forum :slight_smile:

All blender needs is a new Quad engine for modeling and Better selection method. Please is any Blender developer gonna say somthing about this?
Not many developers visit and participate in this forum, they are much more active over IRC, so don’t feel disappointed if you don’t get any official reply. However, you can get replies from some of the more involved and informed users :slight_smile:

In addition, if you have a new feature to propose, you should spend some more time with Blender to get to know it and also write a proper feature proposal. If you spend 5 minutes making a proposal, then it won’t stay in the minds of the developers for more than 5 minutes, if it’ll get noticed at all. This link explains a bit more:


As an XSI artist and Blender new convert I’ll personally donate to Blender for staying true to it’s self and not selling out for a quick buck.
Beside donating, you can also support Blender development by buying the training material. This way you will not only get the satisfaction of supporting the whole movement, but also some very useful and cool stuff. Blender e-shop is the place to check.


Content of the Blender training DVDs is actually released for free and you can download it all legally from the internet. However, buying them from the e-shop funds further projects and development, so it is encouraged :slight_smile:

Agreed 100% as well, and very curious what that surprise in november will be.

Ooooh I’m excited… :smiley:
First of all Welcome to Blenderartists. The community portal where people fight each other, insult each other, have fun, with blender, and where OFF-TOPIC CHAT is the most popular, on a Blender forum.
Second of all, before getting on the forums there are some things to remember:

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I am not a moderator, I am not strict, I’m just doing this as the friendly forum welcome.


what would you like to be better?

I am just curious.


I would like to point out for Cyborg Dragon’s benefit that technically Mental Ray is not XSI’s rendering engine, and that blender’s rendering engine is actually on the same level, if not actually better, than maya and max’s internal renderers–though it could stand to be (a lot) faster. It is, in fact, renderer integration that he’s talking about, and there are quite a few projects working on that already.

Download and check out the free trial of a little app called ‘Silo’ Its just wonderfull and has a fully customizable interface.

Today Blender’s internal render engine is only good because of the node editor.
However Maya’s tree system is in my view still more capable than Blender.

Blender is getting into it’s knees the moment you turn on raytracing.

But with AAO area lights and some slick material mixing you can create very decent renderings
with Blender only.

Big Buck movie is a great example of it.

I am texting VRay right now and it is great. The new Yafaray is out and while missing some materials it is pretty easy to use and produces great results.

I am curious where 2.5 will go to since the API for external engines should be improved as well.

Problem I see is when Blender internal and External engines have different materials.

I also see the great value in Blender because of the node editor.
Material nodes are useless when you want to render with Yafaray or other engines.

But also render layers and passes do not work with external engines.

It would be interesting to see how external engines can be embedded into Blender so they
can at least use the compositor for post production when not also for materials.

I think material node should be very easy with 3Dlight or similar system because of the nature of those shader languages.

Agreed. The only thing I would change if I could is RMB drag would be a drag select, rather than the mouse gesture tool.

Neither does Blender. It can be easily docked into the layout though and it is also accessible through a shortcut. Just shows how little you know about Cinema4D.