XSI Softimage CD

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I guess this falls under the “off topic” category.

I recently received that Softimage dual CD package with the tutorials included. I think I ordered it in some time in February so it just squeeks in under their estimated delivery time of 6 weeks. :smiley:

Hey, its free and supposed to be interesting.

Does anybody know if the minimum hardware requirements listed are absolute or if they are just BS? (WinXP or 2000 and 256RAM with 300MB space available) I’m running '98 and am not even in the ballpark on the RAM (64K).


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I think you will be hard pressed to run XSI with 64K RAM. I run Lightwave on my machine at home with 300 RAM and it can bog down at times. Win XP even recommends 256 RAM just to run the OS.

Good luck though, and let us know how it goes.


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I tried it with 128mb and it didn’t work at all. It took 5 minutes to load and sucked virtual memory to nothing. So I got a 256 stick and it loads in a few seconds. Ram makes the biggest of differances in almost everything. It requires win2000/XP and 1280x1024 Requierd!!! I got it to work in 1280x960 though. Barely. If it could only save!

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If you ordered it in Feb. that was FIVE months abo not six weeks.

I ordered mine in Feb. also, it took four months to get.

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Thanks guys.

Sounds like it probably won’t even load on mine. That’s pretty depressing but not altogether unexpected. Supposed to be getting a new computer soon that fits the requirements but I don’t want to use XP (comes loaded) for moral reasons. I’ll try it with '98, but that sounds like a dead end as well.

This makes me appreciate Blender even more.

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I know. I was just being sarcastic. You gotta love “snail mail”.

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This makes me appreciate Blender even more.

Fur sure man!!! All i gotta say is im running a pent 200 with 64 mgs of ram, and blender runs pretty sweet, i also got a matrox card which helps, not sure what one as i know dick about 'puters and this one was given to us.

If i even wanted to attempt using a commercial type 3D package, Maya, Softimage or whatever, i would not only have to buy the x’pensive program, but a whole new computer as well.

Blender is an unbelivably powerful program for its size and what it will run on, and i pray to the gods it continues to develop. Even if we are all just using 2.23 and using python plugins written by the community for improvement in areas like a new renderer (ray tracer?!?!) or whatever improvement the programing author can come up with.

Hmmm, looks like i got a bit off topic in this off topic chat, my bad. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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XSI dosnt run too horribly on my box which has 128 megs of ram (p200 win2k pro).

Really they only ‘absolute’ in system requirements you will run into that are listed is the screen res. The interface for softimage takes up a lot of needless screen real estate and you will need at least the resolution listed (the interface dosnt need to take up nearly that much space, I dont know if theres a way to customize it though).