XSI v.4.0 Foundation $495!

Very cool! I may pickup a copy to learn and use along with blender. Wonder if this will influence any pricing for Maya, 3DSMax, Lightwave and others eventually? Granted its missing some bigger features from the higher cost XSI packages… but for starting… its darn good pricing!

[edit] forgot a link http://www.softimage.com/products/xsi/v4/pricing/default.asp?pkg=foundation

I heard that a lot of animators prefer XSI to the other packages because of the interface - I’ve never used it myself. It’s quite cool that you get full cloth dynamics because you don’t get that in the Maya Complete package that costs about $2000. If you wanted cloth, I think you have to use syflex which costs $2200 on its own. Then you’d be just as well getting Maya unlimited at $7000 as you get fluid dynamics too.

You can also download a free limited version for use in modding games.