XSL-FO ... Arrrgh!

I’m trying to preserve what’s left of my waining sanity…
I’ve been hand-coding a document that has to be millimeter perfect with lots of boxes etc. (Australian Tax Office Documents!)
It’s being sent to PDF ultimately, so I’m using XSLT / XSL-FO to insert data and FOP to process.
If you’re still reading - you may be able to help me! :eek:
I’m looking for (Freeware or O/S would be nice, but cheap will do) a WYSIWYG Editor that can produce FO documents.
Anybody got any pointers ?

Man, I went through this exact same process. Bottom line, FOP sucks imo.

Abiword will export to XSL-FO format and there was some Openoffice work done as well, but as I recall( about a year ago ), both were insufficient. I ended up using IText.

Good luck.

Just had a brain flash - I might be able to use inkscape to create an SVG template overlay, then use FO to place the inserted text!