Xsort bug in 2.49b and others


I use blender 2.49b on Ubuntu 9.10 and I encounter a very annoying bugs :

  • xsort function doesn’t work anymore (apply a build modifier and sort particules emission are now painfull tasks)
  • “Select Right.Left handles” in NLE do anything (very useful for resize a long list of strips)
  • particles system IPO block is not appended with his attached particles system and object.
  • Object duplication in particles system (visualization panel) is not update for all object with the same particles data block. I need to enter in object field and press enter for all emitter… (copying particles modifier doesn’t work as workaround)
  • proxy preview (<100%) in NLE doesn’t work well with cropped strips.
  • ecetera.

Blender is a wonderfull software but I’ll like a fully fonctionnal 2.49c before the 2.5 or 2.6 stable version (with another new bugs)

Have you these bugs or there is a problem with my version.( I try to compile Blender, but bugs are still here).