Xstream Studios Entertainment Looking for 3D Artists

Xstream Studios Entertainment is a new game development firm. We are currently moving foward with an RPG game project. We have 2 positions opened for Level Designers, 1 position for Character Designer, 2 positions available for Concept Artist and 1 position for Texture Designer. Any one with a decent experience in the 3D Modeling (Blender / 3D Studio Max) are welcome to apply.

Character designers will be working on modeling both High and Low poly charcters and Skeletal animations for those characters. Level Designers will be working on Modeling game levels in Blender or 3D Studio Max. Texture Designers must be able to use Photoshop or similar programs to create realistic textures to aid the 3D Designers.

Interested people contact me via email. Sent me you overall skill info and attach two snapshots of the work you did or web-links for the snap shots. Concept artists must also sent me a hand drawn picture or a web-link for such a snap-shot.

Contact me via email: [email protected]

Good Luck,