A pseudo superhero


:o it doesn’t look a thing like me!

lol j/k…
he does look like more of a villain though
Also I dont know if it’s a result of compression, or something from my end, but i see little lines on it… like on his chin and his boots…?

Yeah, he (Medieval Man? . . . looks kinda like a knight) looks more sinister than heroic.

I think the lines are a result of the mesh not being set to Smooth?

Nice modelling, though!

i like the setup of the picture! though you can’t really tell if the left elbow (viewers point of view) or the sketched face is in foreground, cause they overlap badly.
how about moving the big sketched face to the left a bit?

other than that, it has style!

Thanks for the comments, cire, superx10, its caused by an are lamp on the right side, not sure why or how to fix it, the lamp is set to 16 samples, osa at 16 and octree at 256, any thoughts on how to fix this?, -TheAmiMan-, ill try that :smiley: