XT - concept car <---UPDATED Sept. 21th!

Hey guys, just started on this…been a long time I did any 3d…last time it was the f1 challenge and before that it was my 24h challenge with alltaken back in january! so don’t be too hard on me, I’m getting back in the mood! hehe



c&c are very welcome!

This is looking excellent so far Ecks! Certainly holding the standard of your previous work. I don’t have any crits as of now although would you happen to have a wire?

Keep it up bud!

reminds me of a camero and a firebird

Nice car the windsheild looks a bit weird… and I don’t think the windows can be rolled down. did someone say Firebird :wink:

well…I kept updating on irc, but I guess it’s time for an update over here. Here’s the latest render:

I hope you like, more soon! :smiley:

ca dechire :wink: