This is suppose to be a droid spider. It is very small, about the size of a dollar coin. It functions as an assassin and as a spy. It can climb into building undetected and record conversations or take pictures (I’ll think of that more…), it also can climb on the target host and inject deadly poison.

I am not sure if it looks like a spider, but it’s WIP so shouldn’t really matter what it looks in the begining, we’ll work it out… :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I am aware that spiders have 4 pairs of legs but for right now I’ll stick to 6 legs (3 pairs) and not 8 legs (4 pairs) because 8 legs look kind of bad on this model…

C&C please, they are very important for my impovement.


What’s with all the spiders?! :wink: I think someone said it in another post: Spiders have segmented bodies(3-sections), the legs go in the middle…Other than that, is kinda early to crittique…
Now I must go buy some pesticides! :smiley:

Hmm… I never liked the body too… 3 sectioned you say… I’ll give it a try. Maybe I’lll update this today if everything goes right.

The legs are turning out to be pretty good. Comment on the body though. It’s probably too early, but is it just me or does his body look like a pear. Hoping to see a finished Xterminator.

Jason Lin

Here’s an example of a spider(did I mention I have slight arachnophobia?):
http://www.olegvolk.net/olegv/newsite/wildmacro/spider.jpg-Wallpaper size!

Haven’t looked at the wallpaper yet but I will certainly will in a minute, thank you for it.

Here the update, I’ve changed body, twicked legs a bit. Added one more pair of legs, to make 4 pairs like on a real spider. Twicked the length of front and back legs so that front legs are the longest (gripping), back legs are a little bit shorter than front but still longer than the middle 2 pairs (for support and climbing). Body is now divided into 2 sections, they need a little bit more modeling but it’s getting better and looks more like a spider now.


Now my problem is the head, I am not sure what do… spiders don’t have heads… I’ve been playing with them in Russia as a child (man do I know now how dangerouse that was playing with huge spiders that have white crest on their back… those things are deadly but I got away without ever getting bit… hmmm) and never seen heads. So… I am gonna look at that wallpaper and see what I can do.

Thanks for your support guys, it’s getting better.


Spiders are fascinating things…but at the same time I hate them…

I’m sure spiders have heads…i live in australia now and there are more spiders, snakes and all other such creatures then humans (right now my house is being overun by ants)

my point is that spiders, do have heads. Just do a google image search on spiders.


Well, it’s not kind of a simple head, it’s fused with the body. I found few images, just not sure how exactly I am going to model this. I am kind of “new” to Blender… I am not new but I haven’t done much really… cube, sphere and a plane as they say.

If anyone got any tips on how I can accomplish a ‘complex’ modeling… help would be appriciated.

I am not so worried about being anatomically correct, as having fun and getting something out of this. I want to get better with Blender and that will only come through practice. I’m trying to create a mechanical killer machine so to speak, so it must be something unique, and not just a spider… hmmm

Here’s question: Anyone knows how to make metalic looking material/texture, or chrome-metalic looking material/texture?
And another one is: How do I make a shiny floor that can reflect my model?

I am not very good with lightning, what you see right now is 100% coincidental, I have no idea how I got that lightning, just pressed all kinds of buttons.

I’ll continue working on it tomorow:


-Make better legs: add wires, tubes, remodel them for animation.
-Make better body: try to figure out how to model the head part.
-Texturing/materials/lightning - yeah…

Nice project, I think this you will make it. First one thing about your model. Its much more looking like spider now, but I’m not happy with the body, its good you made it of three segments, but instead of the legs it looks so organic. Try to model a mechanical body.

If you gonna make an advanced model, search for simple object, so called primitives. Maybe you can take a look at the model topic. It helps if you make some sketches of the basic shape of the head, side-view and front-view for example to use as a reference when you are modelling.
Can you say something more, post some images, so we can help you?

Maybe this helps already a bit: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21382

  1. Here follows some material settings for a chrome-look-like-material:

Material color = totaly black
Standard shaders
Reflective = 1.0
Specular = 2.0
Hard = 50
Radiosty = off (I dont know why I did it, I think you can set it on also)

RayMirror = on
RayMirror factor = 0.48
Fresnel = 1.6
Fresnel blending factor = 1.38

(This settings are not a law, just tweak to get the right material in your own opinion)

For an example of this settings http://www.ladog.nl/willem/Protected/Final%20render.jpg

  1. Creating a shinny floor, that reflect your model isnt hard. Ad a plane(are you sure? :slight_smile: ) -> Go to the material settings -> Go to the ‘mirror transparncy’ section -> set ray mirror on -> set ‘ray mirror’ higher than 0 and render your scene with ray-tracer on.

For lightning you need practise(in my opinion), I dont know how many hours I spent wit just rendering a plane a cube(or sphere) and variating the light in thousend ways to see what the effect is of various settings.

I hope this helps


Thanks Walibie. And yeah, body is in early stage, I haven’t really gotten to it yet, trying to make legs better. My early legs, which you guys see are pretty good but I made them all one mesh so it’s not going to be quiet good for animation. Though I am not sure if I want to animate this, it takes like 20 seconds to render single image.

Working on two types of legs now, going to show you guys both in few minutes to see which one’s better.

Here’s what the spider looks now:


Took longer than I thought… did a lot of thinking on how legs should be. So here are two types:


Which one should I use? Left or right? Or should I use right ones for support legs (the 2 middle pairs and 1 back pair) and left for front pair because it has balls on joints which gives more flexibility… not sure. Give me your ideas guys. :expressionless:

Also, those are just like sketches. I will add more details later on. Like wiring… tubes, etc.

i like the right one more.

i think also to add some asymetricl shapes could improve it to take away the natural feeling i have when i see the hole object.

why i lik ethe right one more is because it looks a bit more fragile. so in some way it is moe scary when you are hunted by a thing that looks so fragile but is so deadly. or in the other case it is hughe! the left one is to generic. maybe for the right one also change a bit more the cyliner widht and boole parts away or add minor elements. the joints are a bit to simple. but the far right part (leg) is cool.

i love it that it walks on such a thin tip. i can hear it making this tick tick tick tick sound!

for the body to be honest for what you want to do i like the first idea better with one segemnt body. just add a bunch of asymetrical detail and you are done. or make it a two segment body. but with three it is to much . take a look at japanese mange robots. leggs body head. there is no tail most time and the head only moves but the legs are attached to the body.

so for you the head could be a collection of sensores etc and the body the container for all the mechanical parts!


Interesting ideas there, cekuhnen, thanks!

Yeah, what I’ll probably do is that I’ll add bunch of small mechanical, camera looking eyes infront and few small claw looking things with which it’ll inject poison/cut wires/etc.
I also got a pretty cool idea about the flat looking body part… I am thinking about putting a small dish like thingy… to transmit signals… that would look so cool.

Here’s what I got after fooling around with reflection on the floor. Looks pretty good, needs more work but I’m getting there… :wink:


I’ll be back with an update in few hours.

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re improving it nicely! It’s still missing the head(eyes/cameras)…
keep it up!

Anyone knows how to mirror object? For example I put one set of legs on one side and I want to mirrow them to another side. They have to be in exact position only opposite of each other, because back and front legs are longer than middles ones.


The object’s origin(the litle yellow dot) must be in the “center”, in rotating scaling choose ‘Individual Object Centers’; In edit mode select all vertices, press M then Local x,y or z…this of course in version 2.3 and up; in older versions is: in edit mode select all vertices then press SX, SY or SZ…Hope this helps…

But my problem is that my legs are segments and those small pressure tubes that make legs bent or straighten out are separate objects aswell. I did this for animation purpose.

Any idea how I could mirror bunch of bojects together?

I just distributed legs manually… hard - beacuse of details it’s slow, but I managed it.

So here’s old one:


And here’s new one:


Which one looks better? To tell the truth I love both… old ones looks more organic and second one looks more tech like. Wonder if I should finish both types and just have two different spiders?

Give me your thoughts, guys! :wink:


i like the second one better, but finish them both! :smiley:

If you plan to animate it, then the first one seems ‘easiest’…both are pretty good tho!