Xth regiment of polish hussars from 1805

My entry into CG Challenge contest. Blender plus some re- touching. I will be uploading models to BlendSwap (in case any of you would be interested).


Great job! Very painterly look.

I like it! How did you do the mist/fog effect - in Blender or postpro?

Fog is- sadly- just my “hand” painting. I have just uploaded a rigged character (with horse of course) to BlendSwap so in case any of you guys would like to grab it- it is free for taking/ testing.

Hi, nice job, your are a painter :slight_smile:
I’m just not able to do it, so take it as a simple remark : the long grass scheme seems to be a little bit repetitive.
Good work again.

Oh- it is repetataive. You got a good eye man and you are right- tt sucks- to put things in proper terms. I gotta re-do it, but since it was a contest I had to finish under certain deadline and with my daily work (which ain’t gonna do itself) I just had to deal with what I had at hand. Will correct it later on.

I’d be very interested to see a wireframe, the render is great it has a very “painted” feel to it.

This looks awesome. When I saw the smoke I figured you hand painted it yourself. I would also like to see a wireframe.http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2140851/I%20c.jpg

Here you can take a look at them. I have hidden ground plane because with it all would be just too dense"

and shaded:

Model of hussar can be downloaded at http://www.blendswap.com/blends/animals/hussar-of-xth-regiment/