XTIN clips

Some of you may remember the XTIN film project from a few years ago. I’ve recently finished the graphic novel - over 200 pages of (small time) award winning, occassionally critically appraised horror and violence, done in GIMP with a little Blender. Most of it can be read @ XTIN.NET (very NSFW). Overall it came together well. People who liked Alien will probably like XTIN. People who don’t like gore really, really won’t.

I’m planning to do a few 3D shots and mix it with a bunch of 2.5d from the comic to make a pitch video for Kickstarter. I want to test the feasibility of using Kickstarter to raise funds for animating the comic. The goal with the initial Kickstarter will be to animate the first page. If little is raised, or if it fails, I’ll animate the first page myself and it will be o.k. but not great. If it does well I’ll hire specialists from the community to make it look great. If it does really well, maybe the 3D characters can be ditched for live action. With all the nudity and violence in XTIN though, that’s a bit of a stretch.

Comments and thoughts on this plan are welcome.

Blender has practically become a new program while I’ve been gone. I’ve got a lot to learn and relearn and am very open to suggestions about how to improve this stuff.

I’ve almost got the modelling on the evil High Priestess done -



The body is from MakeHuman, exported with the Rigify rig. I’ve changed the geometry a bit and need to redo parts of the rigging, and the costume needs to be rigged.

What happened to being able to modify border and circle select to deselect vertices? I’m sure ctrl or alt used to do it, but it doesn’t work in 2.65. Is there another way to do it?

I did a test with Sina’s pyramid in Terragen 2 -


The red lighting is not very natural looking in this one.


A normal sun color looks better, but doesn’t set the right mood.

I’ll look into it more when I know what shot I need.

I was surprised to see that Blender’s .fbx exporter is not compatible with T2’s .fbx support. Bummer. I understand why Blender is unlikely to get good .fbx support, but still it’s a regrettable situation.

Back to modelling.

I would like to know how you imported the landscape from Terragen 2. I couldn’t figure that out to save my sanity.

I imported the pyramid from Blender to T2.

I believe the way to go from T2 to Blender is via T2’s .lwo exporter, but I have not attempted it yet.

It’s a shame the ANT landscape generator doesn’t get more attention.

I see. I’ll have to try it out.

Sorry, I meant “more developer attention.” ANT has a few problems. I don’t think you can adjust the parameters once the landscape has been made. It’s not anywhere near as powerful as T2’s landscape generator. But it will give you a start, and you can sculpt the rest of what you want.


The modelling and texturing for this character are “done.” There will be shots that call for more detail, but I think the detail I put in won’t show up most of the time (like in this render).

I’m looking forward to hearing the High Priestess. There’s a lot of room for creative sound engineering with her mechanical voice and breathing.


Dragon Rau is up next.


That gets the model roughed out. I’ve been able to solve a few design problems in 3D which never quite got worked out in 2D. I wasn’t too happy with Rau in the comic, but the 3D model IMO works. he’s going to look great in action.

On to sculpt mode . . .


A screen cap of the nearly-finished cage. I should have the modelling done tomorrow. Sculpting was super slow so I stuck with regular old mesh editting. It’s still taken days to get this far.