Xtra Hard, Rendering Data

Ok, so say I have a cube and I start the GE, now the GE has rendered the Cube as data.

now say I wanted to press a key and change some of the rendering data to a preset value like maybe change the angle or intensity of the lighting or something simple like that.

I would obviously need to write a script, and the goal of the script is to access the object’s rendering data and make changes based on interactions.

so lets make a list of everything the GE might render from an object (please help me with this list as I want access to ALL the render data)

per pixel lighting/reflctions/refraction

and most importantly How do I begin to code such a script to access and change rendering data?

Isn’t it easier to just move/change the light? Or the material? Or the object itself.

I mean, if you really wanted to change things drastically, then just use the replace mesh logic.

Perhaps you’re looking for GLSL shaders…

nah I mean what I typed, instead of moving the light I want to be able to save and recall render data from previous points in the game, I know it is hard and sounds shotty but I have a use for it.

It sounds to me like you are trying to write a shader- in which case I suggest you learn GLSL as well as Python, as that is what you’ll be using to code it. I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to do but it sounds relatively advanced- care you able to share more about what exactly you need to do? Someone may be able to suggest an alternate means of going about doing it.

I know a little bit about python as I’ve scripted several difficult things in my game so far already, I havn’t really studied the GLSL shader programming though I do have a link to a website that seems to explain it all quite nicely.

though with me, rather than taking the time to review the whole archive on how to write a GLSL shader I’m hoping someone can give me some GLSL shader term that deals with render data, for example ‘Rasterizer’ deals with window width and higth.

so is there a scripting term that someone knows that deals with render data? I’d think it would be the same term that deals with the actual GE rendering engine in it’s entirety. how do I make a call to the game engine?