xubuntu 7.1 Blender 245 will not open

Hi All,

I was trying you xubuntu to see how blender would run.

I have downloaded the TAR file for linux 32-86. I am running an AMD processor.

I extract the file and see the blender application, but when I launch it nothing happens?

I have both launch GNOME and KDE service on startup turned on.

I am new to linux, what am I doing wrong?

Do I need more software. This is a brand new build of xubuntu 7.1



I have Ubuntu 7.1 - 2.4 processor, 2GB ram - Nvidia graphics. It has been a while, but I remember having a hard time with Blender until I turned all of the desktop eye candy off.

System…Preferences…Appearance - Visual Effects tab - None.

I don’t remember exactly the symptoms I had, but once I set the effects to None, it was all better. Now I have several versions of Blender, and have not had any display issues.

Best of Luck!

I guess I’ll try that, thanks OBI-Ron!