Xubuntu download... So weird!

I’m trying to download a Desktop CD of Xubuntu.
I made another of these threads months ago but that was a nearest server issue.
Now I downloading from USA server but it starts at like a blazing (I have like really slow download speeds) and it started 2.0 Mbps! Sadly it became the usual 138 kbps-ish speed. Then it went all the way dooooooown to a 5.0 kbps!!!

Wow, that is one bad case of bad luck.

2mbps? I could only dream of that speed!

Yeah it was 2mbps for what? 1 sec?
If we upgraded our net, I’d see 10 mbps.
But what is crazy is 5 kbps. :frowning:

You can use the free version of this:
You can use multiple download sources. You need to enable it in the preferences.
During the download you can add or remove servers at will.
For dial up users it is cool too. You can schedule downloads.It will re-dial and resume your downloads if you loose the connection. It lets you pause the downloads too, so BIG stuff can be downloaded over multiple sessions. Great if you only have one phone line.

Did I mention I’m using Mac? Cuz it rules. I may download BitTorrent again, thought I had no use at all for it…

there are lots of ubuntu seeders out there. I bet Xubuntu has a bunch too.

I got Bittorrent, I think it goes faster, I’m not using Net, till morning so torrent speeds.