Xubuntu vs. Damn Small Linux

I have an old Pentium 3 / 128 MB computer.
At this time I have Damn Small Linux installed.

What would be the advantage of installing Xubuntu instead?

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With Xubuntu, you get Ubuntu with the Xfce desktop enviroment-- which is probably better-supported, although it may be slower.

Also, Xubuntu comes with more stuff (like, 650 megs more) which may or may not be a good thing.

I’ve never used DSL, but I can say that Xubuntu is a nice distro that hasn’t given me any problems.

You can install other window managers in Xubuntu if XFCE is too bloated for you.
Some of my favorites:
BlackBox (older version of fluxbox but still very cool)
Enlightenment (this is about the same amount of bloat as XFCE, but worth mentioning)

My favorite is fluxbox, with IceWM in a close second (because sometimes i get an icon fettish.)

With ubuntu you can use almost all of the same packages as Damn small because Ubuntu is debian based. (DamSmall is just a bastardized version of Debian with a zippy custom kernel)
You will be able to use more “bleeding edge” applications with Ubuntu based distros too, they update frequently (every 4-6 months?) where I think Debian only dose it once a year. I find Debian much more stable though.

If you really want a zippy little distro, give puppy a try. Not really a main stream distro, with mainstream software, but it is really small, and fast as hell.

So far I tried Xubuntu only from the live-cd. It is slow.

Probably it is too bloated with the XFCE interface. So I would like to try Fluxbox instead.

However so far this computer has no internet connection. For now I only have windows pc with internet connection.

Can I still install Fluxbox on my not connected computer?

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Live CD’s are always quite slow!

128MB memory is too less - you should not try anything seriously if you have not the knowledge to built a small system. Check what you want to do, write it down and then make up your decision.
For DSL (damn small linux) there is even a blender-compilation (3MB size) but

08/07/2004  	4  	melange8272  	 3d modeling and animation  	 2.23  	2.4M  	blender223.dsl

it is only version 2.23 and i dont know how hard it would be to try to compile a newer version
and without internet-access to download those files you are lost. You can try to download those packages, burn to CD and carry to your PC and install - but if you have never done it, it is possible you may fail or spent too much time. Best way would be to get in contact with someone interessed in using DSL too and access to a bigger computer to make the building of additional packages easy (not so time consuming).

If you got an old windows-XP around (and you still have the windows drivers) this could be an easier solution.

  • a minimum memory for graphical-ubuntu should be 256MB -

And its very cheap now to get a 512mb ram stick.

Many thanks test-dr,

(@ TheGeek: I will try to get a ram stick)

I want to use the latest Blender version. So I probably have to use Xubuntu (after extending ram memory)

I do have internet access on a Windows Vista pc. And I will have on the Pentium 3 computer later on. I also have Ubuntu installed on a Pentium 4 comp. This computer will get internet access later also.

After the ram upgrade I can install Xubuntu and realize an internet connection. After that I can see whether to install fluxbox or not.

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if its an old Pentium-III … may be mobo uses only ps2-modules and not dimms or sdrams and then its hard to find a shop with such modules. -
and last, could be all slots are already used, then he need to buy complete new …

cheaper … could be another used-pc with a better hardware-setup.

I already used both, and liked both… dsl is a bit harder to configure, but much lighter. I’d say if you know linux well, it’s very good. If not, maybe xubuntu is better, but will be a bit heavier.
I think dsl can easily use debian repositories, no? I think it’s just an option to turn on in a menu, if I remember well… So there should be a way to keep it updated automatically with latest libraries, I think…

I will upgrade the memory to 512 MB and then intall Xubuntu!

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My downstairs computer is a P3 with Xubuntu. I chose Xubuntu over smaller distros (Puppy) because of the excellent repositories.
The alt-install disk can install with as little as 64 MB RAM, the Live CD installer needs minimum 192, more if video RAM is shared. Upgrading to 512 should work great!
The Blender version in the repositories is 2.45, yafray is there ect. ect…
Of course the video card is an issue, my old NV tnt2 works great, 3d desktop and all :slight_smile:
I think you will find Xubuntu quite capable on that old P3

Yea puppy really rocks, You might want to try it while you are waiting for your 512m sticks.

It really is a nice little distro, and you can remaster it!

Just think, you can copy your OS, complete with blender and gimp and all of your other favorite applications to a buisness card CD, or a USB jumpdrive, and take it with you every where you go!. You can then pop it into a friends computer, or and internet cafe kiosk system, and be right at home :slight_smile:

tou can remaster Damn Small linux too like this :slight_smile:

I’ve got the 512 MB RAM installed. The next step is wireless internet connection.

I have two other pc’s. My main pc has windows vista.

My third pc is a pentium 4 pc running Ubuntu. At the moment I’m trying to connect the Ubuntu pc wirelessly as described in the off-topic: can’t see my WiFi access point.

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well I like SLAX, but its just a personal choice…

I use Puppy as my main OS I really like it. I have used DSL and it works well with older hardware. People say a live cd is always slow Puppy is different because if you have the ram it loads to ram and you can take the cd out of the drive, with the entire OS and all the programs loaded to ram its very fast. Blender(2.46) and Gimp work fine for me. I am using new hardware now.
@ Mmph! which version of Puppy have you tried.