Xubunutu and dual monitor problem

Hey, this is distantly related to blender, but I figured it fit better in Off-Topic.

When I use blender;), in my new xubuntu setup, whenever I render and use both cores of my AMD64x2 3800, one of my 2 monitors loses its signal.
my vid card is a Geforce 6200. I have the nvidia drivers setup, I think correctly. and its happening with only one of the connections of the card, I swapped the monitors and the problem seems to be the card and not my screens.

I’m hoping that maybe someone has an idea about this
maybe my xorg.conf is screwed up?


Does it do the same when you use Ubuntu or Kubuntu?

that will be a good test, i know it wasnt happening on xp

If I can remember Xubuntu was specifically designed for lower end machines, so some parts of the kernel that arent as important could have been removed(and other things) to save time & space.

thank you, that makes sense.

i was hoping to be able to resolve it in xubuntu because I have it set up the way I like, but an Ubuntu install won’t take much time.

I’ll give it a shot!

you can mabye use a live cd and not have to reinstall it