XviD import to Sequence Editor

What do I have to do to import an XviD file into the Sequence Editor? I’m on XP.

Do you mean a .avi file using the XviD codec? Should be able to import it like any other .avi (I have, in 2.44 at least).

But there’s a bug that can distort the audio when it’s split off the video, and all-black frames don’t always get imported correctly, so beware.

I’m on XP on my parent’s computer, so I downloaded the latest zip archive. I have the XviD codec on this computer, but when I try to add a new movie strip in the sequence editor, Blender tells me that the avi file is not a movie, and then adds the audio track.

Don’t use xvid or divx for video editing.
Download virtual dub and convert your video files to an editable video format. You may want to try the huff codec.