I felt like doing an Xwing.

magnificent! i still need to learn to do lens flares in blender

Epic. Can you post a clay render? And if you used any tutorial to help in creating this model, would you recommend it here? Or did you do your own tutorial?
And the materials. The details. They look sooooo amazing. Any tip to creating that realistic material, or maybe at least share nodes?
Very good job. I wish I could create a model like this.

Sure, I will post a clay render this weekend. I didn’t use a tutorial for this project and I have never tried making my own. The materials were all done from scratch in Photoshop, again no specific tutorial just lots of reference imagery to help. I really learned a lot about texturing from this tutorial by Kent Trammell, Shading the Pancake Hobo. I used a lot of free dirt/grunge/scratch brushes that are easy to find with a few google searches. My node setups are really messy, if you check out that Pancake Hobo you will get a good idea of the techniques to use.

Hey SpaceC, here’s a clay render for you.

Wow… that is so good! I almost can’t wait for the next SW.

Wow, thank you man… I will surely go learning this Pancake Hobo now… and you’re master modeler. If I can ask one more question, how much time did this project took you?
Respect. You’re great artist.

Thanks for the compliments! I’d hardly call myself a master, this was a pretty challenging project for me. It took about 6 weeks. I wish I could tell you how many hours (lots) but I don’t really keep track.