xy.exe - Sketchbook

Older stuff:
Sci-fi studies

Naruto building

Simplistic character

Head texture/shading study

Goblin character WIP

Alien creature head quick sketch and polypaint

Troll - BPR SSS study

Ancient Monkey God Relic

Alien Melonhead, Cycles render.

Sea creature BPR comp study, original concept by Dan Scanio.

Young Female


Male Torso

Nose - female and male.


Deer + Boulder

Bull Skull


Sci-Fi Helmet

Female Old for SculptJan. Critique welcomed and needed :slight_smile:

Lizard sketch inspired by Aaron Blaise creature

Granade Highpoly + Lowpoly

I don’t know how I am the first comment because this work is fantastic!! btw, I am a video game designer working on a project and I was wondering if I could use a few of these pictures to show to my art guys as reference images. you will get credit for them of course!

You have my permission. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If this comment makes it through community guidelines…
Your work makes me moist xD
Great work, hopefully I can do this stuff one day