XYZ Coordinates

I am just starting with Blender and really taking a shot in the dark here.
With 28 years of various 3D program on both Mac and PC I’ve gotten really used to the coords that most 3D programs use. Z for depth, X for left to right, and Y for up and down.

I was sort of sad when I first opened Blender 2.78a and saw the coords as X for depth, Y for left and right and Z for up and down. It was the main reason I had difficulty with 3DS Max and gave up on it. I am so used to the coords I’ve used all these years I don’t even think about them. Having to readjust something so basic in my 3D process it will be difficult to always have to think about it.

I have never seen this before so my hope is very thin but it can’t hurt to ask…is there a possibility of being able to change those coords?? Probably not I would guess…Makes me wonder who, and why did they set the coords that way?

It also begs the question did others that came from other programs have difficulty getting used to the way they are in Blender?

Thanks much and cheers! RonB

Change your thinking. :slight_smile: Don’t think about the X,Y plane being the front view, think about it being the view of the ground plane. That is how the real world works. Z gives things depth, raises them up from the ground. X and Y are the foundation plan, Z is the walls. I know it might go against what you’ve become used to, but it really is correct.

may be in 2.8 but will see some choice

think of your PC as a box
the top PC like top view is the XY as a sheet of paper on your desk
not here that Y is positive going in the back of your screen in front view or top view

Z is the normal Z up like gravity and down which you can see when in front view

now I find it very natural and simple

may be take time to work with it and it will be easier with time LOL

but it is still a right handed coordinates system

have fun
happy bl


Thanks for taking the time guys and I appreciate your answers and suggestions.

But just the same, replace what I am used to with what you are used to and your suggestions are just as true.

Guess I’ll bite the bullet and try to get used to it…but I don’t have to like it.

Yeah, I have the same issue, but you do get used to it after a short time. It only gets confusing again when you jump back and forth between apps.