XYZ Function Surface : add name of function

hi all

here is what i have with the addon XYZ Function Surface

the operator presets button lost the name of the selected function

and write in space view 3d, outliner and properties panels “XYZ Function Surface”

for any selected presets

and now i would like this result mockup :

nota : same question for the Z Function Surface

any ideas ?

thanks for your help

happy blending


I’m not sure to understand what you want to achieve, but the XYZ Function Surface should be seen as a mesh generator, not an object with parameters (like in 3DS Max). Once applied, you can’t tweak back the parameters of the object created.

I want to draw curves using parametric equations. Anybody knows how to get math function into mesh?
Is there any add on available for Math function? It is similar to XYZ function