XYZ rulers and XYZ guidelines

Hello, I am new in Blender, I like it very much and use for simple modelling. Two features I’m missing are: show/hide XYZ rulers and show/hide XYZ guidelines (like in 2D graphic software) . Is it possible to add in next release? Thanks

Oh yeah. I totally get what you’re saying! Because this would be so useful as a modeling environment, with nice XYZ guides:

Just kidding. You can’t apply 2D concepts to 3D environments. It would make about as much sense as me looking at a nice 2D illustration and saying that I would like to see it a little more from the side view.

The axial ortho views (top front left right bottom back) have a grid. It doesn’t have units. People seem to be getting along pretty well without them. As here:

Precise measurements are given in the sidebar. In 3D either you need high precision or you don’t need precision, so eyeballing alignment to a window ruler would be a waste of effort.

If you just started in Blender and are making simple objects it might be worth your while to consider that people who have been using it for years to make complex scenes have likely thought of the same things as you quite a while ago. Like when you first start driving and think how it would make sense to have the steering wheel in the middle, or why the computer keyboard would be so much easier to use if all the letters were in alphabetical order.

Sorry - if you’re reading this and wonder what screenshots I am referring to the forum seems to have a problem displaying them or they have been moderated!

Thank you for reply, I can not see screenshots, but I understand. I suggest 3D rulers and 3D guidelines as plug in, then people who have been using it for years do not have to use plug in, if do not need.

Your screenshots are displayed today. I am afraid you did not understand my intentions. I am thinking about independent guidelines, that I can add as many I want, for any axis (show/hide/move/remove). And ruler with mapping grid numerical scale (show/move/hide). Also I have idea for feature that ruler may (as option) change placement of 0 point. Please take look on attachement.


did u try the chromoly ruler script ?

happy bl